Norma supports companies in their Software , Data and AI projects. Our experts have been developing innovative data projects for companies for over 15 years.


We implement simple and complete products to address user’s daily and concrete problems. 


We build and evolve our framework every day for high-performance, integrated and scalable applications. 


From R&D to design, UX, development, production, training, we follow your project from inception to completion.

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Launching a data product or implementing an existing one can be quite overwhelming at times.

"Our mission here at Norma is to get you through those tough moments relying on our team's expertise in starting and growing data products."


Looking for seed

Bring your concept to life!
Make the buzz with a great model and present a clear roadmap to your investors!

Go to market

Get your product out quickly to test your market and get solid feedback. You will be able to convince your "early adopters" and build your community.

Scale up

Increase the number of users/customers of your product thanks to robust and innovative services!

Our Values


- Full Remote Our vision is that of a decentralized process, where everyone can choose his or her living and work environment.

- We rely on local Communities of our employees, to participate in the economic framework of their regions

- Social Responsibilities By construction, we facilitate parity and diversity in our teams.

- Our main recruitment criteria Those who share our passion and values.


- Individuals Half of our employees' time is spent on training.

- Collective Our Framework is state of the art and inherently scalable, relying on the best of open-source software.

- Collaboration Because we don't like the word Customer, users and developers build and own the project together.

- Academic Through our collaborations with schools and universities, we carry out R&D projects with our operational vision.


We're only as strong and as knowledgeable as our team. So here are the women and men which help customers meet their goals and grow companies

Clémentine BLANCHON

COO, Data Engineer


CTO, Data Scientist

Alexandre GAZAGNES

Senior Tech Consultant

Ndeye K. DIA



Web & Mobile Developer


UX Designer


Web & Mobile Developer


Python / Django Developer 


Python / Django Developer


Mobile & Web Developer


Front-End Developer

Houssem Eddine KHLIFI

Graphic & UI Designer

Maissa Ben YAALA

Front-End Developer

Abdelhalim HRICHE


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They gave life to their project

With Norma's guidance, I was able to effectively pitch my idea for a recruitment app , which ultimately helped me secure funding.

The Android version of the app was also successfully developed and launched within two months.

Aissata KOITE, CEO Yvee

Thanks to Norma, I was able to exploit the potential of my data in an application and have very good feedback from my users in the pilot phase.

Stéphane RAPPENEAU, CEO indiePlaza

Norma not only redesigned my showcase website, but also automated the entire data processing process, giving my webapp a competitive edge in attracting lawyer and jurist clients.


Martine DOLLADILLE, CEO Theolex

Norma's expertise and dedication played a crucial role in the development of my application, which aims to empower and protect the rights of users. Their technical capabilities and understanding of user needs allowed them to tackle the complex challenges we faced, ultimately resulting in a user-friendly and effective tool for our clients.



NORMA has been supporting our startup HERIT for about 6 months. The team is dynamic, professional and efficient.

NORMA allowed us to develop our innovation in a short time with a reasonable cost. The "Look for seed" support is a real plus because it allows you to build the specifications and define the technical architecture.



Empowering In-House Counsels


Intuitive Search engine with complex query management and match scoring. Indexation for french jurisprudence data on daily basis.
Personalized restitution in search front page for an optimal UX thanks to content segmentation.

Corporate financing

News Targeting Tool

Collection of several million news /year : source Factiva (Les Echos, Challenge, L'Usine Nouvelle ... etc). 
Reading & detection of companies, SIREN prediction, link to CRM. Qualifying how focused is the article and themes addressed. Search engine & Dashboard allowing the business manager to filter on his portfolio & see the adhesions between companies

We are Partners of the Theolex LegalTech Startup

AI-powered legal intelligence engine

Provide comparative precedents and insights for building a successful negotiation strategy. 
Allow for real time cross-border monitoring regarding a wide range of financial crime topics. 
Create cross analytics between Compliance and Legal for an optimized risk analysis.
Search engine & Dashboard allowing the business manager to filter on his portfolio & see the adhesions between companies

Full Acquisition, Revenue and Credit Report Dashboard

Video game Financing 

SG Markets Coop, from Societe Generale, provides flexible loans for video game studios and publishers. 
By leveraging on rich game analytics datasets, this service is able to provide flexible project finance solutions which can be tailored to the video game industry to draw-down or repay their loans every week.

Tailored search engine

Video game Financing 

Based on 20-years video game financing experience, this search engine is able to provide flexible finance recommendations for independent game studios and developers. 

Recruitment made simple with videos

Job Board App

Android and IOs App for candidates. 
2 minutes profile creation thanks to video and LinkedIn text recognition and topics extraction. 
WebApp for admins and companies.

Open-source NLP library

Natural Language Processing for legal documents 

legal-doc-processing is an open source NLP library dedicated to legal documents. It offers a large and various tools to analyse, structure and extract information from legal documents surch as orders, complaints, press release etc...

Corporate financing

Privacy and content management 

Centralized cookie banners consent management 
Easier web navigation ensuring certified data privacy 
Based on webscrapping and computer vision, we developed a data factory that controls and improves app's performance.


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